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Emergency responses due to leaks  require at least a minimum service charge, however leaks that are not an emergency can be inspected and a remedy proposed free of charge.  Note: Moisture readings and or thermal imaging as a diagnosis does accompany a service charge.

Leaking roofs regardless of their composition can cause damaged or deteriorated wood, stained or damaged ceilings or even worse Mold.  Upon request we try and respond as soon as possible. In the event of a major weather event our crews are dispatched to various locations and we respond in the fastest most effective way possible, using materials suited for the situation.

Leaks are caused by multiple reasons, poor installation of the existing roof, poor maintenance or the roof is aged and at the end of its life cycle. Upon arrival we will analyze the problem and try and mitigate any additional damages. Keeping in mind “Safety” of our crews are the utmost importance. If we cannot provide remedy in the rain we will respond when it is safe to do so.

Leak analysis is typically performed by a visual inspection at the time of the leak. However we utilize “moisture meters” and “Thermal Imaging” to further analyze the situation in the event the obvious visual diagnosis is not available