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Roof Inspections

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Roof Inspections:

Upon request we can provide roof inspections. If the request is for financial institutions such as a real estate transaction a nominal fee would be charged depending on location and size.
Inspections for general condition and recommendations are free of charge however if a written report is desired a nominal fee may be imposed.
Inspections that may lead to litigation will be by request only. Due to the time and effort involved we will make a decision based on the conditions.

Overall it is our objective to provide inspections free of charge to better educate the consumer on what existing roof they have and what the choices are for a new roof or repair. In some cases a report would be written with photos to better explain and educate the consumer on the current problems.

Roof Cleaning:
Roof cleaning removes dirt, moss, and lichens that may cause damage to the existing roof surface. In most cases cleaning roofs are cosmetic.
It is important to realize dirty or mossy roofs have been installed for some period of time and may require additional work prior to cleaning.
Proposals are available upon request.